Coastal Rice Bead Collection

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Designed exclusively at Dacuba's Jewelry

Our Sterling Silver Rice Bead necklaces are fashioned after Charleston's iconic Rice Bead history. and are one of our best sellers for over 25 years!  

This classic design is a beautiful piece by itself, or worn as a trendy layered look.  The Coastal Rice Bead bracelet & necklace are made as adjustable pieces, moving up & down like the tides of the sea, allowing you to adjust the length as needed.  The bracelet & necklace are made with a small size rice bead.

During the Colonial Period, South Carolina was the largest producer of rice in America. The crop arrived in the area around 1685, when a ship sailed off course from the Island of Madagascar.  Landing in Charleston for repairs, the Captain expressed his gratitude, by giving the Governor of the colony a handful of rice grains.  From then on, rice became a primary export of Charleston. Today, rice still symbolizes Charleston's bountiful history and remains an iconic product to South Carolina.


925 Sterling Silver