Sterling Southern Sweetgrass "Maisie" Pendant

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Designed exclusively at Dacuba's Jewelry.

Our Southern Sweetgrass Collection is designed by our goldsmith and exclusive to Dacuba's Jewelry.  Each piece is uniquely crafted and fashioned after the Sweetgrass Basket.  These pieces are designed to wear alone, or as a complement to our other collections.  

This pendant accommodates all of our sterling Rice Bead necklace sizes.

19mm x 29mm

925 Sterling Silver

Sweetgrass basket weaving appeared in SC in the 17th century.  It is one of the oldest American crafts, brought over by African people and is historically significant to their cultural heritage.  In the 1890's, baskets became decorative household items, while palmetto leaves replaced bulrush and palms.  In 1929, a surge in sweetgrass basket sales occurred, due to the Grace Memorial bridge connecting Charleston to Mt. Pleasant.  Basket makers then began the long-standing tradition of setting up roadside stands to sell their craft.  Today, sweetgrass baskets are for sale along highway 17, the city market and downtown Charleston at the "Four Corners of Law."  This craft is handed down from generation to generation and each piece is unique to the artist.