Sterling & Crystal SC Palmetto Tree & Moon Necklace

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This is a beautiful sterling silver S.C. Palmetto Tree necklace.  It's a perfect "Southern Style" piece that looks great alone or as a layered look.  The pendant is sterling silver, accented with micro-pave crystals.  

Be sure to choose...The SC Palmetto Tree with or with or with-out the crescent moon.  

Sterling 925

The Palmetto Tree, adopted as the official State Tree of South Carolina 1939, is featured on the State Flag and the State Seal symbolizing the defeat of the British fleet on Sullivan's Island.  The tree represents the palmetto logs used to construct the fort on Sullivan's Island.  They used the soft Palmetto logs because they would not shatter when the British  fleet fired cannonballs.  The attractive tree can be found in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina.